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Predator Zip Lines Safety Mask Policy

Dear Fellow Zip Line Enthusiasts:

We just wanted to take this moment and let you know that during this time of COVID-19 recovery that PREDATOR ZIPLINES IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We are taking all necessary precautions to continue to safe guard our guests and wanted to assuage any concerns our guests might have. Predator Zip Lines has reduced their tour sizes to not exceed more than 10 guests per tour. Furthermore, we wanted to remind guests that zip lining is an outdoor, open-air activity.

Moreover and unlike other zip lines guests are not even required to touch their equipment! Our employees take all pre cautions as it pertains to de-sanitizing our gear and keeping you safe and will continue to do so! At this juncture masks are available for purchase for $2 per mask and guests are mandated to wear them when in a tour with other guests. Guests can bring their own mask or as mentioned purchase them for $2.00. Guests can opt to schedule a private family tour at this time thereby eliminating the need for the P.P.E. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask by calling us at 928-567-9947ext.2!