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Night-Time Zip line in Arizona

Enjoy the Out of Africa Wildlife Park during the later hours for a night-time zip line in Arizona.

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2 hour
  • Ages: 8+
  • Weight Requirement: 60 – 275 lbs
  • Group Size: 10+
Guest (Ages 8+)

Zip Line Tour by Night

Enjoy everything the Predator zip line tour has to offer, under the cover of darkness, when the animals below are at their wildest! Join our two-hour eco zip line tour and experience the roar of the lion, the cackle of hyena and the howl of the wolf as you zip line over these predators of the night. This is an adventure you simply cannot match in a zoo. As you soar above the animals’ habitats, far removed from the daytime crowds, you might just feel the magic of an African night. Share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your friends and family. Call to book! Join us for the most unique zip line in Arizona!

Essentials You Need For The Tour

We want to ensure your safety, so we recommend always carrying those essential items you can’t leave home without on our night time zip line course. Those items include:

  • Any necessary medications
  • Epi pens
  • Asthma Inhalers
  • All other essential items

Other Necessary Essentials

Proper Shoes

Our list would remain incomplete if we didn’t mention what kind of shoes you should be wearing. We always recommend wearing closed-toe shoes. While you may be sliding down and not using your feet at that exact moment, you will, however, have to land at the bottom. To avoid any unwanted injuries or uncomfortable landings to your feet, proper footwear is a must.

Comfortable Clothing

For our night tours, we always recommend checking the weather ahead of time to prepare for any temperature changes (sweatshirt, jacket, etc.). Try to wear pants or longer shorts, as they may ride up on you, and this can become quite uncomfortable. Comfortable clothing is a must!

To uncover even more about our night time zip lining in Arizona adventure, call us today.